How to Download Torrents

Torrents are by far the quickest and easiest way to share large files online with friends and family, however if you’re not computer literate the thought of setting it up can be daunting. But don’t worry it’s much easier than it sounds…

Getting a Torrent Client

Firstly, you will need a torrent client, there are plenty of these to choose from but the most popular by far is uTorrent, it’s easy to use and has the best performance out of all the clients straight out of the box. You can download uTorrent here.

Once you have downloaded uTorrent you need to install it, during the install process you will be promoted to check boxes if you do not want to install other programs on your computer – make sure you read each page properly before going to the next as although the additional programs will not cause any harm to your computer they can potentially slow your machine down.

Finding a Torrent to download

Once uTorrent has been successfully installed you need to find some torrents, most of the top torrent sharing sites have been blocked in the UK, however, you can bypass this by using a Google Chrome plugin called Zenmate.

The most popular non-private torrent sharing sites are Pirate Bay and Kick Ass Torrents, both have their benefits but we personally prefer Kick Ass Torrents as we find it easier to navigate and it generally looks nicer – we highly recommend using AdBlock plus when navigating torrent websites as they have a lot of ads.

When finding a torrent, there are a couple things you need to look out for:

  1. Seed/Seeders: This number tells you how many people are currently sharing this item, the more seeders there are the quicker the file will download. If a torrent has zero seeders than you may want to look elsewhere as the torrent may not ever finish downloading.
  2. Leech/Leechers: This number tells you how many people are currently downloading the file; this number isn’t as important as seeders but if there are a lot of leechers and not many seeders it could slow down the download.


When you are ready to download the torrent, make sure you click the correct download button – if you are using Kick Ass Torrents the correct button looks like this:

download torrent

Downloading the Torrent

Once you have found a torrent you would like, download it to your PC and open it in uTorrent. You will be asked what parts of the torrent you would like to download, just click ok as you will usually want all of the files:


The torrent will now begin downloading in uTorrent, the download speed will depend on your internet connection speed and the amount of seeders there are for the torrent you are downloading.

Once the torrent has finished downloading you can simply double click the torrent name within uTorrent and it will take you directly to your file. Torrents are usually ‘Zipped’ before uploading as this makes the file size smaller which in turn makes the download quicker – if you do not already have it we would suggest using WinRar to extract the files (zip files can be extracted without any additional software, however files archived in ‘Rar’ format cannot).

If you have any problems downloading torrents, or would like any more information let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to help.


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