The Top 5 Diet Plans for 2016

You say this is the year that you’re going to follow through with your New Year’s resolution and lose weight. Yet every February finds you in the leftover Valentine’s chocolate aisle each Feb. 15th. People don’t realize that weight control can be an endless, futile cycle without a real plan or strategy. With so many fad diets out on the market, we forget that the main things a diet has to do is 1) be easy to follow 2) be nutritious and 3) offer a safe, effective path to weight loss that protects against both diabetes and heart disease. With these guidelines in mind, here’s a list of the Top 5 best diets you can implement in 2016 and find success with.

The HMR Diet

hmr diet

This is the brainchild of the Health Management Resources company, a provider of weight programs and services for US medical community. It’s basically the kind of diet your doctor would prescribe. This program understands that weight loss is more than just a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. The Health Management Resources program focuses on reducing caloric intake and increasing physical activity specifically. It’s two phase plan (Phase one is jump starts weight loss with low calorie shakes and foods, Phase Two is how people learn to incorporate nutritious and low calorie food into their normal eating habits) works in conjunction with personalized coaching sessions with dietitians and exercise physiologists.

The Paleo/Raw Food Diet

paleo diet

This is a trend diet that actually has some basis in medical and anthropological science. The basics of the Paleo diets is absolutely no food that wasn’t available in the Paleolithic era when men still lived in caves. No processed food, no oils, no food that contains any synthesized or altered chemicals of any kind. The Raw Food variant follows this same guideline more or less, but instead emphasizing raw, uncooked proteins and fruits and vegetables. It’s very Eco-friendly,and (since there are so many calories in processed food) it can provide dramatic weight loss results. It can be expensive and time consuming to keep up with, but anyone with a blender/juicer and the drive can pull it off.

The Biggest Loser Diet

biggest loser diet

This is less about someone being able to get on the show and more about being able to buy a series of books and success stories inspired by the popular television series. It’s basically six weeks of healthy food, regular exercise and rigorous regimentation in order to follow this plan. The only thing different from the TV show is no ripped trainer screaming at your to finish 100 jumping jacks on camera.

Weight Watchers

weight watchers

These last two are the most popular supermarket-based weight loss menu providers that also work in conjunction with various support tools like meetings, a smartphone app and online program access. You’re supposed to be able to lose two pounds a week with their PointsPlus program with group support. Weight Watchers is also less focused on calorie counting and more focused on selecting nutritiously dense food that you eat more of in smaller portions. In an analysis of 600 WeightWatchers participants, 60% stayed withing 5 pounds of their goal weight a year after finishing the program. This kind of success rate should be exactly what you’re looking for if you’re serious about weight loss.

Jenny Craig Diet

jenny diet

This program is very similar to Weight Watchers:two pound a week promise on their program, prepackaged meals and calorie-counted desserts available at the supermarket, counseling support and monitored accountability. The main difference between Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers are the menu options. You definitely will have to spend more on Jenny Craig items. But their program has a higher success rate than Weight Watchers, so this might explain the extra cost. You also will have watch yourself when you eat out a restaurants for both of these programs. It’s hard to find a restaurant that will count calories for you.

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