The Best Exercises for losing weight

Exercise is essential to anyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle and mitigate the chances of certain illnesses and diseases. Although you may have a balanced diet, this alone will not suffice. Your heart is a muscle and like all muscles, must be worked out regularly to keep it strong and in good working order.

Exercise is hard to get excited about for most people. The thought of working all day and then heading to the gym to push your limits and exhaust yourself is understandably not so appealing. But exercise can be anything from a fast walk and dancing, to badminton and Zumba. The absolute key is to find something you enjoy doing. I personally dislike running but love to play squash. Squash is excellent plyometric exercise and is great for cardiovascular training as your heart and lungs are working at peak capacity for 40 minutes.

The one thing that is not so attractive about working out to lose weight, is you have to do lots of exercises to achieve your goals. Apparently, this is something that all marketers who hype up the issue wouldn’t want you to hear. But as soon as you accept this fact, you will begin to see results.

In this article, we’re going to list some good exercises that will make you lose weight quickly without working out like a crazy person at the gym.



Jogging has always remained a favourite because it burns over 400 calories in one hour running at 6mph. It doesn’t need any equipment except a good pair of jogging shoes. It will boost your fitness and metabolism. It will also increase your endurance. But since it’s hard on your knees, you need to progress slowly as you increase speed and distance until you’re able to burn a significant amount of fat.



For many people out there, walking is easier than hitting the gym for some hard-core workout session. So if jogging is too intense for you, you might opt to walk and you’ll burn 167 calories per hour walking at 4mph.

Walking is also good for older people who may not have the energy to jog. It’s easy and safer. Also, it helps you get social along the way since you’ll meet other people who share the same goals as you. Remember to keep a comfortable pace for good results. You need to maintain a pace where talking is a little bit uncomfortable but still possible.

Weight training


Weight training will help burn calories non-stop for a period of 2 days no matter what you do. There’s a big misconception about weight training and losing fat at the gym. Some people think that they will just get good results with a good diet minus gym sessions.

Women, in particular, choose to fast because they are too worried of bulking up in the gym. However, such a misconception will hold result because no dietary routine will be complete without some workout.

You can weight train to tone up and still burn calories for 48 hours after the exercise. This technique burns over 300 calories per hour.



Most of us know how to ride a bike, and this means people can comfortably burn over 500 per hour if they are consistent.

A bike will burn your calories as it helps you beat traffic. You could also participate in competitions to stay motivated and reap its fat-burning power. So choose a routine and craft a game plan for accomplishing your goals.

Aerobic exercises


Aerobic exercise is any activity that uses large muscle groups, can be maintained continuously for a long period of time and is rhythmic in nature. Aerobic activity trains the heart, lungs and cardiovascular system to process and deliver oxygen more quickly and efficiently to every part of the body.

They will get your heart pumping faster and your body burning calories. If you can participate in 20 minute session 3 times a week, you will see amazing results. There are many aerobic exercises out there, and all of them give varying results. Choose one that works for you.


There are many more exercises you could take advantage of to lose weight. Think about swimming, dancing and many more. These are relatively simple, and could even be developed into a hobby. The end results will still be the same.

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