Top 10 Xbox One Games Releasing in 2016

Get ready to game… The hottest Xbox One games set for release in 2016!

The Xbox One’s now coming into its own with many new anticipated titles set to release throughout 2016. There are many more titles with no confirmed release dates, but let’s focus on what we know is coming!

If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, get rid. Buy yourself a comfy gaming chair, a decent headset, a gaming monitor and prepare to dedicate 1000’s of hours in to some of the most sophisticated and stunning games ever released onto console.

We have comprised a list of 10 hot Xbox One games heading your way, so let’s get started…


It’s back… and rebooted. Doom brings the original’s famous gore and action to the present—without straying from its originality. No cover shooting or regenerating health here! This old school experience may become a fast guilty pleasure for those yearning for the old days.


Blizzard’s highly anticipated team-based MOBA inspired shooter will finally arrive this year. Several colorful heroes will be available for players to learn, master and… scorn, if someone else beats them. Expect to see this one become an eSports favorite—and a casual gaming romp to remember.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution promises to deliver more cyberpunk goodness… with a catch. Mankind Divided will have completely redone combat, improving lackluster game play from its predecessor. The illusion of choice’s addressed, too. Players will have more control over how the game’s plot plays out before them. Let’s not forget about the hacking—that’s back, too!

The Division

It’s finally here. Fans can finally get their squad together via Xbox Live and wander a catastrophe-riddled New York. Another highly anticipated title, this third-person RPG-lite shooter will likely spend a few months as multiplayer king. Co-op elements, robust multiplayer and, yes, plenty of loot will make The Division FPS fans’ poison of choice this spring.


Another return for Hitman… with a twist. Episodic campaign mode replaces a single narrative, centering each episode around a single high profile target and lush locale. Robust sandbox elements and player customization play a large role in updating Hitman for modern gaming. We’re looking forward to this one.

Quantum Break

A much hyped April release, Quantum Break’s expected to breath a little fresh air into the current state of FPS games. Oh, and did we say the story’s also influenced by player choice? Time-bending powers, platform puzzle sections and TV quality action will likely make this Xbox One experience can’t miss.

Rocket League

Already on PC and PS4, Xbox One fans now have the opportunity to play Rocket League. A chaotic rocket-powered battle car arena romp, is it a wonder why it’s popular? This February, Xbox One fans should consider this title for its eSports potential and sheer fun.

Far Cry Primal

Another installment in the popular franchise, Primal brings Far Cry back to it, well, primitive roots. Primal puts you in the shoes of a modern Neanderthal, setting the players out into a world where no modern weapons exist. Wait… no guns?! Instead, expect to wield animals and fire, as well as other primitive tools, as key weapons this time around.

2016 just started… and not all games set for this year have been announced, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to what’s heading our way this 2016!

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